image film

deutsche flugsicherung

art direction, motion design, postproduction supervisor


iCAS is an air traffic control system.
All real footage was filmed at the Deutsche Flugsicherung (DFS) Germany. This video is for promotional purposes to show how iCAS works.
I did all the animations and the final mastering.


All animations and compositing were made in After Effects. The 3d models are obj-files, edited with Element 3D.


The look and feel is futuristic and about digitalization - lines, numbers, dots, light streaks, grids, zeros and ones.

The futuristic dot-line effect was made with the Plexus plug-in. In addition I also used the Form and Particular plug-in for extra details. The first 3d scene with the airplane is made with a 3d model, particles and a stock footage sky cloud scene in the background. It was a little bit tricky to match the two scenes together with the camera flight up in the sky, but the velocity of the animation helped a lot and worked out pretty well.

The biggest challenge was the world map with hundreds of flight streaks wrapping around. First I wanted to create this scene in C4D, but in mind of setup and render time and after many tests I decided to do it in AE. I have build the world with the VC Orb plug-in which mainly uses the AE build in sphere effect. The flight streaks were mainly made with Plexus plug-in and some Particles. I placed dozens of lights on the big cities of the world map and connected and controlled them with the effect. I wrapped this layer around the world map and extended the scene with particle-spheres, connecting lines and dots.

All other scenes have been made with the same effects with a little tweak here and there.