image film

deutsche bahn

motion design


DB Flinkster is a car sharing service from Deutsche Bahn.
This video is for promotional purposes to show how Flinkster works.
I got help with the cut out graphics from an intern of the agency. Apart from that I did all the animations in the video.


This project was animated in After Effects and the single cut out graphics were prepared in Photoshop.


The concept is strong and clear. A cut out look with scribble effects and typography. Strong colors but not too loud, bit of a cartoony, retro look.

The agency and me needed a lot of preparation time. A lot of cut out graphics have been created. Also the different scenes were created - first as still frames. After the preproduction was done I had a very good overview what we wanted to show and animate. The animation was solid work and very fun to make - the keyframe graph was my best friend. :) I added some scribble motion effects to the graphics to make it fit better to the hand crafted look.
The scribble effects were mainly made with the build in stroke effect.
I really like the continuous look and feel during the whole video.