exhibition film

brüel & kjær vibro

full production, art direction, motion design, compositing, edit, mastering


DDAU3 is a 360 degree monitoring hardware product for industrial machines. This video is for a looping screen used at exhibitions and in-house screening. I did the whole concept, motion design, editing and mastering.


All 3d renderings were made in Cinema 4D with the build in renderer. I have done all the typography, motion graphics, final compositing and color grading in After Effects. All icons and symbols in the video have been created in Illustrator just for the DDAU3 project.

I also created a complete brochure for the hardware product, I did the layout, graphics and a bit of texting - final export in InDesign. The print has over 40 self created icons and symbols - but lets continue with the video.


The look and feel is very clean, plastic and glossy - just a little bit realistic.

The wind turbine model was a bit tricky to handle. The outer shell of the wind turbine tower had a very low polygon count. The model looked really edgy - not good for a plastic, glossy look. I remodeled parts and increased the polygons for the turbine. Also the gears and spinning wheels inside of the wind turbine needed some tweaks. Some were just not connected or missing. Furthermore I remodeled parts there to fit the animation. The uprising, blue streaks were made from a rectangle shape following a spinning path up in the air.

A challenge was the conversion of the DDAU3 model CAD file. Due to the fact that I don’t have a C4D plug-in for that. I converted the file via 3D Studio Max into an obj-format Cinema could handle. The problem was, I needed to retexture the whole model.

The particles which head to the cloud symbol were made with a cloned sphere dropped into some random positioning effects. The tail was created with the tracer effect. The world animation at the end of the video is a mixture of a simple sphere and a 2d extruded world map (illustrator file) with 3d streaks and 3d location markers wrapped around. The logo animation at the beginning and at the end were made in After Effects with Element 3D.