image film


north wind visuals

art direction, motion design
The full animated video is about the cruelty free production at Essence Cosmetics.
This video is spread across the social networks like youtube. All the drawn characters were made by the agency, I got help from a talented illustrator there. I created all the animations, transitions and the small additional graphics.
The graphics were made in Illustrator and all the animations were made in After Effects.
The look and feel is a scribbled, hand made animation. Seamless animations with lines and points creating the graphics. The low frame effect supports the cartoony look very good. Pastel colors, small animated dots in the corners of the screen and on the graphics are catching up the Essence CI.

With the animatic video made by the agency I started animating parallel with the illustrator doing the final drawings. I had a very quick communication with the Illustrator and the agency via skype. We could adjust changes very fast while working on the same scene. The scribble animations are straight forward stroke effects and a lot of masking and key framing. The style goes smooth through the whole video.