Julian Opitz
Motion Designer

From idea to final result - full service digital media.
I help clients visualize digital content since 2011.

With deep knowledge in high quality visualizations, I'm here to elevate your digital projects and breathe life into your ideas.
In today's competitive landscape, digital content is essential to maintain your brand's edge and ensure your online presence is visually appealing.

Let's create something amazing together!


I offer a various set of skills for different digital tasks.
  • idea
  • concept
  • art direction
  • motion design
  • video editing
  • postproduction
  • client management
  • project management
Hey there, take a seat, catch your breath - your search is over!

It's a pleasure for me to visualize your ideas, products, stories, online presence or any other digital content you may need. Let me help you at any stage of your project to get the best solution for you.
You already have an idea? Great! If not, no problem - I can fix this!

I mainly do all my stuff with Adobe CC and Cinema 4D. I work alone or with teams and I can handle agencys as good as direct clients. Just drop me a line and have a quick talk about your project.

I will give you a hand!


  • explainer video
  • product visuals
  • social media content
  • title animaion
  • exhibition visuals
  • logo animation
  • typography animation
  • icon animation
  • film motion design
Elevate your projects with the power of motion design.

Animations are essential for good digital content. I add motion design to your film footage or create complete animated videos to visualize the thing you need.
From simple typography animations to complex 3d visualizations.

The possibilities and use cases are endless.


  • effects
  • overlays
  • screen replacement
  • sky replacement
  • screen keying
  • roto brush
  • retouche
  • tracking
  • cutting
  • video editing
Maximize the potential of your footage with advanced video editing.

From well-paced cuts and engaging visual effects to screen replacements. Video editing elevates your content to new heights!
Add the missing touch to your next social media post - the stop-scrolling moment!

Outperform your competitors on the digital playground to get the clients you deserve and the attention you need!


Teamwork makes the dream work.
  • film
  • camera
  • web design
  • online apps
  • homepage creation
  • graphic design
  • logo design
Over the years I have built up a reliable and trustworthy network of professional people to handle work I can't do on my own.
So, I'm able to also tackle film productions, sound design, web applications, campaigns, or branding and a lot of more things. Just have a talk about it - I know what I can handle.

I give my clients the plus, to do a full-service production for every digital case.

Yeah, that's me!

I'm a professional motion designer with crossmedia knowledge
in digital media and a strong background in film and postproduction.
Hey, this is Julian 'Jules' Opitz - welcome to my creative space!

I'm a professional motion designer, director, editor, storyteller, and digital artist!

Together with my strong film background I developed a keen eye for excellent framing, lovely camera movements, good editing, and well-paced keyframes.
My main software is After Effects for most of my projects. For realistic 3d shots, I go with Cinema 4D and Octane Renderer.

I'm always eager to think outside the box, keep improving my skills around motion design to create better digital content across all platforms.
I use AI tools to speed up my workflow, get cleaner results for certain tasks or for visual inspiration during the research and development process.

Due to my long freelance career, I'm comfortable working with agencies or directly with clients. I have strong communication skills and I'm able to think across the whole project to secure a clean production for all involved departments.

In my free time, I'm currently learning Rive and Unreal Engine to extend my motion design skill set.

Feel free to get in touch with me.

Cheers !

the tools I use

These are my main apps, but I'm comfortable with many more.
  • after effects
  • cinema 4d
  • octane
  • premiere
  • illustrator
  • photoshop
  • xd
  • figma

Social Media

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Client Work

Happy clients - happy life.


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Julian Opitz
Aschaffenburg / Frankfurt am Main
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